From Classroom to Career: Oxford Academy’s Commitment to Professional Development

Education is the backbone of society, and it is important that learners acquire the skills and knowledge they need to deal with various challenges that come with life. The traditional mode of learning is slowly fading away as technology takes over the world. Oxford Academy is one such learning institution that has embraced technology and introduced innovative approaches to equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge critical for their future success.

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is paramount that learning institutions revolutionize their mode of teaching. Oxford Academy, a prestigious school in London, has embraced technology to provide a personalized learning experience where each student’s progress is monitored. The school uses cutting-edge technology such as adaptive learning and Artificial Intelligence to tailor a learning experience tailored that takes into account the unique abilities and strengths of each student.

To foster collaborative learning, Oxford Academy has implemented a project-based learning approach, where students work as a team to solve real-world problems. In this approach, students build their research and problem-solving skills while developing teamwork and communication skills. Teachers act as mentors to the learners, guiding and supporting them in completing their tasks and providing feedback on their work. This approach has been highly successful at the Oxford Academy, with students developing critical thinking and leadership skills that are crucial in the job market.

Oxford Academy also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities that enhance learners’ personal interests, hobbies, and skills in areas that are not covered in the school’s curriculum. These activities include music, drama, sports, and clubs. They provide students with an excellent opportunity to explore new areas, develop new friendships, and contribute to the school and community. The extracurricular activities help learners grow as well-rounded individuals, which is critical in being successful in their future endeavors.

To prepare students for the 21st-century workplace, Oxford Academy has incorporated entrepreneurship education into its curriculum. The school provides resources and mentorship to students interested in starting their businesses. Students can take courses in entrepreneurship, business management, and financial literacy, which encourage the development of innovative ideas and critical thinking skills. With this entrepreneurial mindset, students have the necessary skills and a practical approach to deal with real-world problems. Oxford Academy goes further by partnering with various start-ups, which provides students with internships and access to exclusive events and resources.

To ensure that students maintain their self-development, Oxford Academy has introduced personalized meetings with teachers. In these meetings, the teacher, together with the student, evaluates their progress and develops achievable goals for the upcoming week, month, or semester. Students receive valuable feedback on their academic and extracurricular activities and guidance on improving their weak areas.


Innovative approaches and technology have breathed new life into the education sector.  Oxford Academy in London is a prime example of a learning institution that has taken up the challenge and embraced the latest technologies and innovative teaching methods to facilitate a conducive, modern, and productive learning environment. The school has been proactive in providing learners with all-around skills and knowledge relevant to their future careers while enhancing personal interests and skills. The institution has demonstrated that as learners acquire vital knowledge and skills, their participation in extracurricular activities, entrepreneurship education and collaboration with start-up, are indeed vital to their personal and academic growth. Oxford Academy continues to be an inspiration in the education sector, making a positive impact not only on the lives of learners but also on the community and the world.

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